Annihilation Clan Spawn Ladder Rules:
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Author:  TXRedneck [ Mon Feb 13, 2012 12:02 am ]
Post subject:  Annihilation Clan Spawn Ladder Rules:

1. 15 Minute Maps, First team to win 2 maps wins the match.

2. If a match ends in a tie then the map restarts with the same players on each team, same sides of map and the first cap wins the map. (Sudden Death OT)

3. Matches will start within 10 minutes of the posted start time unless both captains decided to wait longer or both agree to reschedule. (If a reschedule is agreed upon it is the responsibility of the 2 Captains not the Ladder Staff, but the Ladder Staff must be notified and One of the Captains must post the match time and can not interfere with another scheduled Ladder match time.)

4. After the next map is decided on, each team will have 5 minutes to get ready before the map is started.

5. Both Captains must agree in order to change any match start times, this is not decided by the players.

6. Each team needs at least 4 players for a map or it's an automatic forfeit for the map. After forfeiting that map the teams can wait 10 minutes to see if more players have shown. If no one else shows up they forfeit the next map as well and the match is over.

7. This ladder is 5 vs. 5 but can be played with more or less as long as both captains agree. I would prefer for the teams to stay even for the benefit of the Ladder and participants. If a team has only 4; then it becomes a 4 vs 4 unless the short team says other wise.

8. During match time all observers are to talk within team chat and not global chat.

9. No smurfing is allowed. If a team is caught with a smurf, the team forfeits the map and the smurf gets banned for the term of the ladder from all servers & forums.

10. Maps may be picked only One time during the match.

Feel free to ask any questions. The Ladder Staff consists of the Ladder Clan Captains, Scud and I.

We also need the list of who is the designated Captain & Co-Captain for each Clan.

(Each Clan may have 1 Captain and 2 Co-Captains so choose wisely) :D

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