Have a SAFE and Happy New Year....
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Author:  KILROY [ Wed Dec 31, 2014 8:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Have a SAFE and Happy New Year....

I hope everyone has a very SAFE and HAPPY NEW YEARS Tonight. If you drink, please drink responsibly. I myself have lost many of friends to this in my past experiences, including the misuse of unsafe and prescription drugs. Look out for the other person also. Last year I lost my Tundra Limited King Cab, fully loaded with an aftermarket lift kit, suspension, the whole works, due to someone drunk on the highway, hitting me from behind, causing me to fishtail and drive off my side of the highway, go through the median, cross over through the other two lanes on the opposite side of the highway and roll my truck over on the embankment. Totaled! A $50,000 or more truck gone! What saved me was my industrial full bed over the cab rack I had recently added to carry my fishing kayak. I walked away very luckily without a scratch. It was only a few minutes before Midnight. The person who hit me got away.

So be careful, look out, and be safe!


China has already celebrated their New Year's and with 35 already dead. Due to someone throwing out fake money:


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